Bigg Boss 14: Rakhi Sawant reveals she never met her mother-in-law after her marriage

In a recent Extra Masala clip, Rakhi Sawant reveals shocking details about her marriage to Jasmin Bhasin.

In the absence of any form of contact with the outside world, the Bigg Boss contestants bond with each other over their experiences. They talk about their professional lives and their personal lives. Rakhi Sawant makes a shocking confession about her marriage while sharing kitchen duties with Jasmin Bhasin.

In the Extra Masala clip, Rakhi tells Jasmin that she hasn’t met her mother-in-law till now. Jasmin asks her if her mother-in-law lives in India or abroad. Rakhi tells her that she lives abroad hence she couldn’t meet her. Jasmin points out that she must have attended her son’s wedding. Rakhi says, “Shaadi mein sirf mere pati hi aaye the. Mere husband ne kisiko bataya nahi.” She adds that in her wedding only her family was present.


Rakhi then talks about her expectations from her mother-in-law. She says, “Meri saas mujhe koi kaam nahi karne degi. Na apne betiyon ko karne deti hai na mujhe.” She reveals that her mother-in-law likes to make her own food. Rakhi says, “Independent saas hai meri.” Jasmin says that her grandmother acts similarily. Rakhi says that she invited her to Mumbai. Jasmin says that it is hard to leave the country when you have spent your life there. They both bond over how difficult it would be. Rakhi reveals that she might never meet her mother-in-law. Jasmin encourages her to go and visit her in-laws during her vacations. Rakhi says that she was invited but she had to work.

The video ends with Rakhi Sawant telling the other, “Zindagi mein saas-sasur hone zaroori hai. Unko khush rakhna zaroori hai, kyunki hum bhi ek din saas banenge.”