Bigg Boss 14: Rakhi Sawant fought with a professional wrestler, landed up in the hospital for three months

In a recent Extra Masala clip, Rakhi Sawant talks about an incident when she was asked to face a professional wrestler and ended up in a hospital for three months after the fight.

Bigg Boss 14 wild-card Sonali Phogat shares her thoughts about the housemates. In a conversation, Sonali shares her opinion about Nikki Tamboli. She says that during the task, Nikki gives her a hundred percent and fight with her full spirit. Further, Nikki and Aly Goni get into banter. Rakhi Sawant suggests that Nikki and Aly should wrestle.

Sonali remembers an incident wherein Rakhi had to face a professional wrestler in a show and ended up in a hospital for three months. Rakhi nods in affirmation and explains that the professional wrestler was a short-tempered person and one of her close friends cheered her to dance with the wrestler.


Meanwhile, the wrestler challenged the audience, “Is there anyone in India who can challenge me?” Rakhi didn’t know that the wrestler was ‘sankhi,’ so she went to the stage and danced with her. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the wrestler came and threw Rakhi on the platform, and Rakhi hurt her lower back.

Later, she reveals the wrestler who hurt her never traveled back to India, and if she ever returns, she would take revenge. Rakhi trained herself in wrestling with the help of her friend in Chandigarh. Instead, the wrestler’s friend traveled, she took her revenge on her friend.