Bigg Boss 14: Rakhi Sawant EXPOSES Rubina Dilaik – Abhinav Shukla’s game plan to win the show

In the recent Extra Masala clip, Rakhi Sawant rebukes Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla’s relationship and their game plan to win the show.


In the latest Voot Extra Masala, Rakhi Sawant is seen talking to herself. It seems like she has got to know about some kind of plan. During the ghostly conversation Rakhi says, “What do those husband-wife think that we are fools sitting over here? Don’t we understand that this is all part of their plan to win the Bigg Boss Trophy and 50 lakh rupees.”

She continues talking alone for 2 minutes. Apparently, it looks like she has mastered the game, and knows everything about Abhinav and Rubina. She thinks they are playing tricks to confuse the audiences just to gain votes. Further she says, they think the audience aren’t smart enough to know their fake fights. “Yeh jo emotional drama hai zyaada din nahi chalega, kabhi na kabhi toh samne aa jayega,” says Rakhi.

Moreover, Rakhi imitates both Rubina and Abhinav’s way of crying in front of others. She also says that this is a conspiracy just to show that Rakhi is a bad person in the house. “Now I’ll show them my way of play, let’s see how they win BIGG BOSS’s trophy,” says Rakhi. 

Few episodes back Rubina and Rakhi were seen involved in a ugly fight with each other. The core reason for this argument was Rakhi’s inappropriate behaviour towards Abhinav. Due to which Rubina lost her patience and started yelling on Rakhi. Later these arguments took a nasty turn, wherein Rubina was seen throwing a bucket full of water on Rakhi. 

Adding to which as a revenge Rakhi too continued annoying Abhinav. Now that the Weekend Ka Vaar is approaching. It will be exciting to see Salman Khan’s reaction on all this drama. 

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