Bigg Boss 14: Rakhi Sawant doesn’t trust women and says they are BITC**S, Manu and Eijaz agrees

In a recent Extra Masala clip Manu Punjabi talks about friendships in today’s world. Rakhi Sawant adds that she doesn’t trust women.

The clip begins with Manu Punjabi saying that nowadays it has become very difficult to make friends and implement on it.
Eijaz refuses to agree that and says that his friends are so good, friendly and helpful too. I enjoyed a lot with my friend, I scold them, have fight with them, he added.

Manu says that in boys everything will be manages, their bonds are different but with girls it’s not the same. He then asks Rakhi Sawant about this girls friendship things at which Rakhi replied that she won’t trust women.
Eijaz and Manu agrees.


Manu then says, “ladki ki dosti nahi competition hoti hai.” At which Rakhi shares her experience in friendship and says that all her female friends backstabs her. She says, “Bhale ladki ki saamne waali uski best friend ho lekin dhoka toh degi hi degi…fitrat me hai uske.”

Manu then explains that in boys friendship is overall awesome but before marriage. After getting married boys changed a lot, and the reason is only wife and their complains for not giving them proper time. Rakhi agrees.

Later, Rakhi and Manu mutually agreed that friends play the most important role in our life. They are our companion as well as our parents and guide.