Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Vaidya’s friend reveals Disha Parmar’s answer to the proposal

Rahul Vaidya’s close friend reveals that the singer’s marriage proposal to Disha Parmar came as a shock to their friends and family too.

Rahul Vaidya’s marriage proposal to Disha Parmar on Bigg Boss 14 came as shock to everyone. No one expected the singer to declare his love for Disha in the sweetest speech and got down on one knee to ask. “Will you Marry Me?”  His sweet gesture brought a wave of love and support from fans of the couple. Turns out that his proposal to Disha was not only a surprise to fans but also friends and family.

In a chat with Pinkvilla, Megha Israni, a close friend of Rahul, talked about the couple’s friendship, chemistry and Rahul’s sweet proposal. She claimed that the proposal shocked all their friends saying that they didn’t expect Rahul to propose for marriage directly. “Our group is not able to get over it as yet. It is a complete shock to us. I would not even say a surprise.” Megha said.


Megha further revealed that she did not know that Disha and Rahul are romantically involved. She said that Disha was a part of their friend circle for the past two years and that she had no clue about them being in a relationship. “We chill together and we have been on holidays together. We knew that they are very close friends but we didn’t know there are in love.”

Megha claimed that Rahul has realised his feelings for Disha because of their distance. She shared Disha’s reaction to Rahul’s proposal saying, “I think she is overwhelmed but at the same time a little shocked. It’s her birthday and I don’t feel any girl would have got a better birthday gift than this. Hamare ladke ne mauke pe chauka maar hi diya hai.” When asked if it is a yes from Disha, Megha revealed that only Disha could answer that.

Talking about how the couple met, Megha revealed that the couple first met on the sets of Rahul’s music video Yaad Teri. Megha shared, “Rahul and Disha music video in Delhi for 2-3 days. Since then they have been in touch and slowly became very good friends, and from there she entered our group.”