Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Vaidya watches Naina Singh cook, Shardul Pandit and Abhinav Shukla can’t stop shipping them

While Shardul and Abhinav were playing Toffee with Toni, they couldn’t stop shipping Rahul and Naina together.

Friendships are all about laughter, sharing memories, and just doing fun things. Well, that’s cliché. What really makes friendships awesome are the nasty pranks, trolls, teases, and the matchmaking. Shardul Pandit, being a record-breaking host, decided to have a little bit of fun with Abhinav Shukla, teasing the boys at the kitchen counter.

In a recent snippet of Bigg Boss Extra Masala, Shardul and Abhinav were seated in a corner, spying at  Rahul Vaidya under a role-play of being in a gossip talk show, Toffee with Tinu. You heard that right, folks. Shardul thinks playing host with an egg-beater-prop for a mic is just what is needed for a bit of fun. First, they pick on Rahul and observe him quietly.


After a few minutes of silence, they realize that Rahul’s in almost a dreamy-state which sends the guys to a messy fit of giggles. Rahul is in fact raptly staring into the kitchen, watching the beautiful Naina Singh cooking. Shardul and Abhinav raise eyebrows when they notice that Rahul isn’t even flickering glances anywhere else. Nudging Abhinav with his shoulder, Shardul says, “Rahul’s looking healthy, isn’t he? When Rahul’s eats Naina’s food, Rahul gets healthy. Naina should cook more for him!”

When contestants aren’t fighting at tasks, they seem to be getting along very well with each other. Rahul and Naina seem to be getting close. Could this mean Rahul’s falling in love with someone in the show? Earlier, when asked about a relationship, Rahul admitted that he probably wouldn’t fall in love with someone at the show. Actions speak louder than words, right folks?