Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Vaidya tells Eijaz Khan, “I will shake you apart and you will flip and you will dance”

Rahul Vaidya talks about singers and how they survive on the shows mostly during December, January and February.

Bigg Boss 14 contestant Rahul Vaidya talks about singers and their profession in and Unseen Undekha episode. The episode begins with Rahul sharing with Eijaz Khan, what his actor friend had shared about the life of actors. He says, “You singers are so nice but we actors are messed up, these were her words.”Eijaz who was also sitting there agreed with Rahul and added, “Humlog ka kya ha ki ek ‘shelf-life’ ha re” ( We actors have a ‘shelf-life’).

Rahul Vaidya, is an Indian singer known for participating in Indian Idol 1. He has also sung several Bollywood hits and is famous for his live performances across the globe. He says, “Singers ka bhi hota ha shelf life, but singers ka shows…live shows, show business yeh bohot lamba chalta ha” (Singer do have a shelf life as well, but the shows…live show and their show business goes on for really long). He then informs that the singers do not get any time between November to mid-March.


Curious Eijaz asks if he also performs in weddings, to which Rahul said that he does and his reputation is such that, people say, “He is one such performer, who will show up and He will shake you apart and you will flip and you will dance”. Eijaz then shared that he wishes to see Rahul interact with the audience, the way he does in weddings or any live concert. The singer then informs that singers earn a lot. If you have to compare to an A-lister actors earning, then a singer’s earning comes the next.