Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Vaidya talks about Sunny Deol’s scene in Darr

In a recent Extra Masala clip Rahul Vaidya is seen sharing his views about the superstar of Bollywood film industry will have a lot to share as they are always travelling.

The clip begins with Rahul Vaidya discloses that the superstars of Bollywood film industry must have the so many experiences about travelling and film shooting. He says experiences like, Sunny Deol have during the movie shooting of ‘Darr’, he must have so much to share about the scene when he was eating an apple at the beachside.

Kavita agreed to him and says they must have a lot to share.


Rahul was repeating the scene of ‘Darr’ movie that Sunny Deol was eating an apple at the beachside at which Kavita laughed and says ‘please yeh apple khane waale scene se bahar aao’.

Rahul again says that they must have so much to share about their shooting and travelling, then he stated that ‘kitna kuch hoga unke pass share karne ki…like kisika pet kharab ho gaya, kisika dimaag kharab ho gaya hoga, kisika jhgra hua hoga, kisika pyar hua hoga’.

Kavita responses to his words and says ‘waha bigg boss ka ghar nahi hai yaha chote chote muddo se niklo’.

Rahul interprets and says he wants to mean that, Sunny Deol must have enjoyed while eating an apple because he remembers the scene in which Sunny Deol was wearing a blue shirt, sitting on the beach side and was having an apple.

Eijaz then replied ‘What a handsome man…what a good-looking man’ referring to Sunny Deol.

Later, Rahul shares that the stars like Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan have so much experience about travelling, shooting and have so much to share that they were in Spain, Austria, US.He added, they have done so much of work on a daily basis and so many things were added in their life.

Eijaz lastly added they must have shared these things with their travel companions.