Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Vaidya talks about a singer’s life being a bliss, says, ‘It is a whole different feel’

Rahul Vaidya was seen conversing with Kavita Kaushik and Pavitra Punia about how blissful and happening a singer’s life is, in an Extra Masala clip of Bigg Boss 14.

Every day in the house of Bigg Boss 14 is filled with conflicts, anger and arguments amongst the participants. However, there are times when the housemates talk about various things apart from the competition of the show which not only helps them relax but also the audience. In an Extra Masala clip shared by Voot, Rahul Vaidya was seen having a talk with Kavita Kaushik and Pavitra Punia about the blissfulness of a singer’s life in the Industry.

In the clip, the trio can be seen sitting in the Garden area of the house as Rahul asks Kavita if she has hosted any shows apart from weddings to which she says that she has hosted a lot of shows including the first season of Box Cricket League (BCL), and even some award shows. Rahul then asks that has she done any live shows to which Kavita says she has not yet she hosted two shows of Mika Singh, just because they were happening in abroad and very beautiful exotic locations.


After this, Rahul starts talking about the happenings in the life of a singer in the Industry. He says, “A singer gets to visit such pretty places, gets paid handsomely for doing what they love and you even stay in the best of the hotels. The journey of a singer from their home to the flight and to the takeoff and all the way back to the time when you land in Bombay is another feeling altogether.” He further says that when he is performing at marriages and he looks at the bride, he feels that he should be the one marrying her and not be the one singing at her wedding.