Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Vaidya calls Jasmin Bhasin hot, Aly Goni gets jealous

In the videos, Rahul Vaidya teases Aly Goni by calling Jasmin Bhasin hot and further ask how would they both look like a couple.

Bigg Boss 14 viewers are enjoying the bromance between Rahul Vaidya and Aly Goni. In one of the videos, Rahul compliments Jasmin Bhasin for looking hot in pair of retro jeans and blacktop. He teases Aly Goni by asking how would he and Jasmin looks as a couple.

He holds Jasmin near the jail and says that his height matches with Jasmin. Further, he taunts Aly that he is too tall for her. Jealous Aly inquires about Disha Parmar‘s heights to which Rahul replies that she is a tall girl. Aly asks Rahul if he looks good with Disha. Rahul denies him. Rahul adds that he and Jasmin are like brother and sister.


In another video, Rahul sings a song for the duo. Jasmin and Aly look into each other’s eyes and slow dance together.

Jasmin and Aly look cute together and are extremely fond of each other but are not ready to confess their love on national television. And it’s pretty evident, they both are in love.