Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Vaidya reveals he was INSULTED PUBLICLY at a WEDDING

Rahul Vaidya shares his strange experience of performing at a wedding.

Bigg Boss 14 has become a little more interesting and things have spiced up since the entry of the challengers in the house.

In the extra masala clip, the garden area became the gossip area for the housemates as Rahul Vaidya told them about one of his experiences he had with the groom’s family at a wedding ceremony where he was performing.


Rahul shared a funny story from the past, how he met a groom in Goa in whose wedding he had performed and asked about her wife. The groom said they have parted and he will call Rahul again at his next wedding and he did call him.

Talking about the different weddings and the families, Rahul shared one of the strange weddings where he performed. He said that he dedicated a song to the bride’s parents by mistake and the very next moment groom’s Father came on the stage told Rahul, “Pura kharcha Maine kiya hua hai, aap unko dedicate nahi karoge ganna”, listening to which Rahul Vaidya was shocked and he sang two more songs and left.

After this everyone started talking about the bride and the families and how wedding ceremonies happen in India.