Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Vaidya re-enters Bigg Boss house

Rahul Vaidya quit the Bigg Boss show after he voluntarily decided to walk out.

Rahul Vaidya has re-entered the Bigg Boss house. On the Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman Khan had announced that Bigg Boss would decide whether Rahul would enter or not. During the finale week, Rahul decided to walk out of the house after feeling ‘homesick.’

On Sunday’s episode, Rahul expressed his desire to be inside the house once again. The host told him that it might give him a unfair advantage over all contestants in the house.


Salman then asked the housemates to decide, stating that he and Bigg Boss are confused about whether Rahul should enter the house or not. Majority of the housemates said that he should be given an opportunity.

According to TheKhabri, “Exclusive!! #RahulVaidya is back in the house. It will be shown on livefeed later.” And now according Bigg Boss live feed, Rahul has re-entered the house.