Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Vaidya lauds Rakhi Sawant for her behavior with Nikki Tamboli

Rakhi Sawant abuses Nikki Tamboli as they get into verbal spat. Rahul Vaidya supports Rakhi for her behavior with Nikki.

In Bigg Boss 14 house, the level of disputes is increasing with the level of entertainment. Nikki Tamboli, who has been playing games all alone. But it seems to look like she was being bullied by Rakhi Sawant, Arshi Khan, and Kashmera Shah.

In the recent episode, Rakhi and Nikki get into an ugly verbal spat. They use foul language against each other. Rakhi comments on Nikki’s friendship with the men in the house, “Ye ladki, ladko ko kone me le jaake bethti hai chugalkhor.” Nikki retorts, “I will go and sit with men in a corner, why are you getting jealous? You are insecure. Janta janti hai tum kya kaam karti ho, kaunsa kaam!” The fight between them got uglier. Manu Punjabi supports Nikki and says, “You will disrespect a man and a woman relationship, what do you expect.”


Further, Manu addresses this issue in front of the housemates, Rakhi and Arshi tell him not to brainwash them. While Manu supports Nikki, Rahul Vaidya supports Rakhi. Rahul went up to Rakhi and asked her to be more direct in what she says. He lauds Rakhi for her behavior with Nikki. He adds that Nikki uses the “Weekend pe pata chalega” term to threaten everyone, and they should not get scared by it.

Later, Rahul asks Rakhi to apologize for whatever she felt was wrong, but it completely looked like he was siding with Rakhi throughout the whole issue.