Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Vaidya invites Nikki Tamboli for Diwali celebrations

In the recent Extra Masala clip, Rahul Vaidya invites Nikki Tamboli for Diwali celebrations, he says every year he celebrates with his close friend.

Bigg Boss 14 house is filled with emotions, arguments, and friendships between the contestants. There are rare moments the contestants open up about their past experiences. In the recent Extra Masala clip, Rahul Vaidya shares his Diwali memories with Nikki Tamboli.

The clip starts with Nikki asking Rahul about bursting crackers. Rahul replies that he used to burst crackers near Back road Lokhandwala, Andheri (west). He questions Nikki, has ever visited Lokhandwala back road. To which she replies that she has visited the place numerous times and never burst crackers over there.


Rahul informs her that Lokhandwala is the spot for Andheri people to burst crackers and further adds she would find him there from 10.30 pm to 12.00 am every year. Nikki questions which type of crackers does he burst. To which he replies that there is a trunk full of different types of crackers.

He recalls that he has a friend who is crazier than him and they both bonded over their love for crackers.
The clip ends with Rahul saying in Marathi that his mom loves to burst crackers and says, ”Usko har baar lagta hai ki shagun ke liye karna chayey”.