Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Vaidya feels ‘neutral’ for Nikki Tamboli, upsets her

In the Bigg Boss 14 house, Rahul Vaidya confessed to Nikki Tamboli that their friendship is unique, but he feels neutral towards her.

Bigg Boss 14 contestants Nikki Tamboli and Rahul Vaidya share a bittersweet bond. We have seen them standing together but also falling apart at times. The episode aired on Monday (9th November) shows Rahul adoring contestants Jasmin Bhasin and Aly Goni‘s bond in front of Nikki Tamboli. Rahul mentions to Nikki that he wishes to have a similar bond with someone in the house.

In the video, we see Nikki enquiring if Rahul wants a similar friendship. To this Rahul replies, “Definitely, Kaun nahi chahta? If I lose my thing, koi toh ho jo pyaar se haath pakad ke bole, ‘Rahul, galat’( Who doesn’t want a friendship like this? I want someone who guides me when I am wrong).”


Nikki then enquires about her friendship with Rahul. She mentions that she has no clarity about where they stand as friends. Rahul replies, “Main yeh bhi nahi keh sakta, ki haan, bohot zyada close main tere saath mehsoos kar raha hoon. Na hi main tere se door mehsoos kar raha hoon. Main neutral mehsoos kar raha hoon tere liye (I cannot say that I feel close or distant from you. My feelings for you are neutral).”

Upon hearing this, Nikki felt hurt. She reminded Rahul of when they were in the red zone and he was cornered by everyone. She reminded him that she stood up for him. She reminded him of his confession wherein he said that had Nikki not been around, he would have gone mad in the house. During the conversation, we see Nikki breaking down and crying while saying that she has been hurt by Rahul’s words.

Rahul, however, agrees with Nikki and tries to console her. He says, “Main alag angle se keh raha tha. Teri meri dosti alag hai, teri meri dosti ko kisi aur dosti se compare nahi karunga.” (I meant something else and our friendship is unique. I would never compare it with anyone else’s). Nikki expresses her discomfort with the word ‘neutral’ and Rahul hugs her.

Recently, during the nomination task, Rahul and Nikki stood against each other. Nikki won the task and sent Rahul to the red zone. To win, the actress had hidden the mask in her pants. This was looked down upon in the house and by Rahul in particular. However, they patched up later when Nikki apologised.