Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Vaidya cannot tolerate THIS thing in a girl

In a recent Extra Masala clip Rahul Vaidya is seen talking about not being able to tolerate bad breath, no matter how beautiful the girl is.

Bigg Boss is a reality show, where every person represents the real them either it was good or bad. Some have good habits and some have bad, everyone has different likes and dislikes.

The clip starts with Rahul Vaidya telling that he can’t stand in front of bad people. No matter how beautiful the girl is, if she had bad breath then he can’t stand infront of them. Aly also accepts that body odour matters a lot.


Nikki Tamboli mumbles someone’s name reffering bad breath to which Rahul Vaidya shouts and asks her repeatedly “Kya baat kar rahi rahi”. Nikki tells him to ask Jasmin about this. Rahul says he never feels the same.

Jasmin Bhasin enters there, after which Nikki beckons her and mumbles someone’s name. Jasmin reacted that the person Nikki is referring doesm’t have bad breath. She explains that most of the time the person with empty stomach has also the same smell.
Jasmin describes them with example referring her shooting days, and says during shoots many of her’s co-stars had the same type of empty stomach and it smells bad with which she was mistaken as bad breath, but she further understand that it was because of the empty stomach. She tells them not to confuse it with bad breath.

Then, Jasmin leaves and Rahul Vaidya says he also thinks that it was not bad breath.