Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Vaidya and Jaan Kumar TALK DIRTY about Eijaz Khan behind him

Rahul Vaidya and Jaan Kumar Sanu talk about Eijaz Khan and his desire to complicate simple things and his vindictive approach in life

In an Unseen Undekha video of Bigg Boss 14, Rahul Vaidya and Jaan Kumar Sanu discuss about Eijaz Khan and his vindictive personality. Eijaz, who we known as a sturdy, hot headed person is always in a mood to fight. Affirming his persona, Rahul asks Jaan Kumar, “Eijaz koi bhi cheez simply nahi kar sakta kya?” ( Can’t Eijaz do anything in a simple manner? )

He further adds, “Agar ek line white color ki ha, agar yeh patti white colour ki ha toh usko yeh nahi bol sakta white colour ki ha? Kyunki upar laal ha aur niche mirror ha toh kahin na kahin” ( If the patch is white in colour, he wouldn’t say that it is white in color but rather he would say since the upper part is red and the bottom is a mirror, that is why it can be called white.)


Jaan shares that, “Nahi woh toh bhai, wo toh harek cheez ko ek vindictive angle de dete hain” ( No brother, he gives a vindictive angle to everything) He further adds, “Agar mai puchu ki Eijaz bhai aap kaise ho? He answers, Zinda hun. Areeh yeh kaisa jawab ha?” ( If I ask you Eijaz how are you, he says that he is alive. What a strange way of answering.)

Jaan gives another example of his personality, he says that if he asks him if he had something he says, “Khana khaya? Zinda hoon” ( Did you eat something? I am alive). The two still wonder why Eijaz has such a vindictive nature and ponder over his answers, which usually tend to confuse people.