Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Mahajan predicts Rakhi Sawant would be a finalist

In a recent Extra Masala clip, Rahul Mahajan expresses his views on each housemates and predicts Rakhi Sawant would reach the finals.

Rahul Mahajan has been entertaining the house with his humor and teasing all the housemates. He has created a great bond with all of them. In a recent Extra Masala clip, Rahul Mahajan expresses his views on every housemates and predicts Rakhi Sawant will reach the finals.

In the clip, Rahul Mahajan, Rubina Dilaik, Abhinav Shukla, and Aly Goni are having a entertaining conversation. Rahul says that in this season, Rakhi looks good and could reach the finals. She doesn’t have any stress and those who said that she can’t reach till finals are wrong and she has high chances of reaching there. Abhinav inquires who were those people. Rahul replies that on the Weekend Ka Vaar everybody told that Rakhi wouldn’t stay longer. Aly says that those questions were not for her.


Rahul, further adds, “Yeh vaise type ki runner nahi hai, baki sab tez bhaagenge fir voh log thak jaayenge, Rakhi aaram se, hathi ke chal jaise, dance karte karte aayegi, baki saare ghode thak jaayenge, yeh chalte chalte ruk jaayega udhar, malum pada ki koi baju bacha hi nahi hai.”

The next contestants he talks about is Arshi Khan, saying, “Udhar toh short circuit ho gaya hai.” He says that her wires her are not connected properly or are loose and it should kept in store room for further repairing. Everyone rolls out of laughter. He adds that Bigg Boss should repair her and send her back in.

Then, he talks about Kashmera Shah, saying, “She is feeling older than us, toh voh apni zindagi mein kashmakash mein hai, ki itne saal baad chance, pati itna successful hai, ghar mein baache hai, ab mein kuch karu.”

Rakhi adds that Kashmera is into direction. Rahul tells her to shut up as she knows everything about her and the others don’t. Rahul continues that she has a fear of not doing things properly. 

Rakhi says that he talking ill about her. Rahul says he is not talking about her. Rakhi says, “Mujhe bhi thoda importance dena.” Rahul says that he has already discussed about her and now he is speaking Kashmera. Aly and Abhinav says he spoke good things about her and also said that she would reach the finals. Rakhi says she doesn’t need to go alone in the finals. Rahul sarcastically says, “Ab tu kya Sawant wadi se logo ko bulayegi.” Everyone laughs at Rahul’s comment.