Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Mahajan and Rakhi Sawant get ugly spat as the former calls Rakhi ‘cheap’ and her fans as ‘cheap audience’

In the latest episode, Rahul Mahajan and Rakhi Sawant get into a massive fight as the former calls her cheap.

In the recent episode, due to a misunderstanding over household duties, a massive fight broke out between Rakhi Sawant and Rahul Mahajan. Rakhi misunderstood a conversation that happened between captain Vikas Gupta and Rahul Mahajan. She felt Rahul refused to work with her and asked the captain to give him another partner.

When Rahul was sitting alone in the garden area, he sweetly called Rakhi, but she ignored him. Rakhi started yelling at him and says that she is not interested in talking to him. Rahul tried to sort out the misunderstanding, but Rakhi paid no heed to him.


Rakhi started shouting at him and says that she doesn’t need his friendship, and when she dragged Nikki into the conversation, Rahul lost his cool. He got annoyed and shouted at her saying, “Who the hell is she to ask and enter his personal space? Is she his mother, wife, sister, who is she?”

Rahul states that she doesn’t have any right over him, and also cleared that they have met once on a show. Further, he calls Rakhi cheap and says that the audience watching her is also cheap who make people like her celebrity. He doesn’t stop there and says, “You are a cheap celebrity, and people watching you, the audience are also cheap who make people like you a celebrity. Unfortunately, you are on the show. ”

After hearing all of this, Rakhi starts crying, and all the housemates console her. Rakhi asks Eijaz if she is cheap. She adds, “Are the people, who she has worked with like Rakesh Roshan, Yash Chopra, Priyadarshan, Karan Johar also cheap?”

Later, Vikas makes both Rahul and Rakhi understand, and they apologize to each other.