Bigg Boss 14: Rahul curious about Jasmin’s food habits

Rahul Vaidya notices that Jasmin Bhasin is very selective when it comes to breakfast and asks her about her diet.

Food is something that one can’t do without but when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet, our actor- actresses, the sportsmen keep it as their top priority. However, maintaining a healthy diet is certainly not in the top priority for the Bigg Boss 14 contestants, as they have to eat whatever they get.

However, in one such Extra Masala episode of Bigg Boss 14, Rahul Vaidya curiously asked Jasmin Bhasin, “Tu bahar jo itna bolti ha, breakfast breakfast toh tu breakfast me aisa khaati kya ha?” ( The way tou talk about breakfast, what exactly do you have in your breakfast?). Apparently, Jasmin Bhasin has allergy from Wheat, Almond, eggs and peas, so she can eat everything apart from these things. She says, “Bacha kya, wheat, almond, matar, aur ande bas yahi nahi khaati” ( What is left, only wheat, almond, peas and eggs that is all that I don’t eat.)


Aly Goni adds that irrespective of Jasmin’s allergies, she consumes all the food items after taking medicines. Rahul then gets confused and asks her, what is her main meal in the breakfast platter. She says, ” Cut meats mere main hote hain” ( cut meats are my main food consumption) Jaan backs her by saying that when you take an English breakfast platter, cut meats are indeed your main meal, if taken without eggs.