Bigg Boss 14 PROMO: Rubina-Abhinav and Jasmin-Aly target Eijaz Khan in NOMINATIONS, Nikki Tamboli and Kashmera fight

In a recent Promo, Rubina, Jasmin, Abhinav and Aly target Eijaz in Nominations. Kashmera threatens Nikki Tamboli and both get into a fight.

It’s 11th week in Bigg Boss 14 house, and after the last Weekend Ka Vaar, almost every contestant is clear about real faces of each other. In a recent promo of Bigg Boss 14 the nomination task is going on. Rubina Dilaik, Jasmin Bhasin, Aly Goni and Abhinav Shukla, all four of them target Eijaz Khan and nominated him.
The reasons given by them to nominate Eijaz are as below-
Rubina nominated Eijaz and says he’s changing himself like the seasons.
Abhinav says Eijaz thought that in between Rubina, Jasmin, Abhinav and Eijaz, only Eijaz is deserving and rest of them are useless. Abhinav nominated him saying he is nominating him for his “Wahiyaat acting and doubting the show”.
Aly nominated Eijaz and says he taunts Jasmin that he will see if she won the show.
Jasmin says that Eijaz thinks she is not capable to win the show, he’s not able to tolerate me, Jasmin added and then nominated Eijaz saying I’m doing a favor to nominate you so that you’re thrown out of the show.

Eijaz counter strikes Abhinav and asks when did he say that three of them are weak, and he’s strong? At which Abhinav replied to limit his weakness maapdand(criteria).
Eijaz fumes in anger and says that everyone is watching your lies.


Later, Nikki Tamboli nominated Kashmera Shah as she had a fight with her. Kashmera even threatens Nikki by saying “Muuh tod k nikal jaungi tera”.
Nikki nominated her saying that she wants Kashmera to be thrown out of the show because she is short-tempered.