Bigg Boss 14: Pavitra Punia wants to talk to her parents, Kavita Kaushik praises her

In a recent Extra Masala clip, Kavita Kaushik praises Pavitra Punia and tells her she should make her family proud.

In the Bigg Boss house, we see the contestants fighting with each other on daily basis. These fights end up being emotional draining for some contestants. In an Extra Masala clip, Pavitra Punia shares that when she feels low, she wishes to talk to her parents.

Pavitra has always talked about how important her whole family is to her. In the clip, she shares that sometimes she wishes she could reach out to her family when she feels low. Further, she adds that when an incident happens in the house, that is when she thinks about her family the most. The actress tells Kavita Kaushik that she wants to hear ‘You are a strong woman. Don’t forget that. Your upbringing is your strength’ from her family.


Kavita says the same to her and tells her not to forget where she came from and to make her parents proud. She tells Pavitra to not make her parents watch her abuse but make them proud by bringing up the correct points. The actress adds on saying that she doesn’t want Pavitra’s parents to disagree with what she is saying. She says she wants her parents to say, “Waah, isne patte khole logon ke. Yeh hai humari ladki.

Kavita further adds that Pavitra is lucky to have her father stand behind her and that she should work hard for him.