Bigg Boss 14: Pavitra Punia fears the crows, Rahul Vaidya reassures her ‘sab taka-tak hai’

In a recent clip shared by Voot, Rahul Vaidya reassures a worried Pavitra Punia who feared that the crows signalled something.

We all believe in things that either comfort us or put us in a deep worry. Recently in the Bigg Boss house, contestant Pavitra Punia was seen worried as crows were heard in the background. She was worried that the crows cawing meant something bad will happen.

In the clip shared by Voot on Twitter, Rahul Vaidya was seen comforting Pavitra who was worried that the crows cawing near the house meant something. Rahul assured her that the crows were just doing their jobs and meant nothing. He told her if crows started giving out signals, then ‘sab hogaya khatam.’ Pavitra expressed her worry that the crows are messengers and are rarely seen around. She says, “Yeh toh messengers hote hai aur itne asaani se nahi aate hai.”


Rahul told her to not worry about the crows but that did not stop Pavitra from worrying. She was worried everything was alright with her family. Rahul assured her that everything is alright saying, “Family taka-tak hai.”

Watch the clip here: