Bigg Boss 14: Pavitra Punia claims only Eijaz Khan made her feel like home

In the latest episode of Bigg Buzz, Pavitra Punia reveals that only Eijaz Khan made her feel home and predicts the next elimination.

In the recent episode of Bigg Buzz – #Asli fans ka Asli Adda, host Karan Wahi welcomed the latest eviction from the house – Pavitra Punia. After the greetings, Karan asked her about her journey in the house. He states that it was a ‘Hard and Beautiful’ experience according to him. Pavitra Punia says that her journey in the house was beautiful because of Eijaz Khan.

Talking about other contestants, she says, “NikkiKavita are each other’s shoulders, will blow each other at the right time. Ever since Aly has entered the house, he only wanted one pact that saved one from the nomination and gives you immunity, so Aly caught Rahul.”


Talking about her last week, the actress shared that she lacked morale because of her fight with Aly. Later, host Karan Wahi plays a game with her where Pavitra Punia mentions that only Eijaz Khan made her feel home. According to her, the sweetest gesture by the actor was when he made her Chapati while they were in the red zone. And as for the next eviction, she predicts Abhinav Shukla‘s exit.

Adding to the fun, Karan also invited celebrity guest, Shefali Jariwala to the show. She says that she feels that contestants are low on energy and misses the element of friendship in the house. When asked who has her support, she said that her favourite keeps changing every week. She talked about her views on the housemates, “I liked Nikki initially as an audience. She was a strong personality”. The actress adds, “I like Eijaz because he has the courage to play the game solo, but I can see he too is getting tired and till now people inside the house aren’t taking him very seriously”. Further, she talks about Aly Goni, “He reminds me of Paras. Aly can be manipulative”. She concludes with Rahul Vaidya, “Rahul can manipulate but never get manipulated. I love his one-liners.”