Bigg Boss 14: OMG: Rubina Dilaik makes THIS huge decision

In a recent promo, Rubina Dilaik declares a huge decision.

The finale week has started with a bang. With Eijaz Khan and Abhinav Shukla becoming the finalist. The fight for the remaining spot will be the one to watch. 

In a recent promo, Rubina Dilaik declares a huge decision that she won’t performing her duties. She says, “Yeh jo duties aur responsibilities hai khana banana, yeh voh karna, please aap apne free will se karna.” She adds that she deserves the last four days at her free will. Abhinav disagrees with her.


Further, Rahul questions her, “Chaar log bache hai, isliye aapki free will ki baat aa rahi hai.” Rubina replies that everyone deserves to have a free will. Rahul tells her that the house is in smooth functioning. Rubina retorts and says that they are not here for a smooth functioning. 

She further adds, “Apne aap ko thoda discomfort lane mein kya problem hai.” Jasmin Bhasin makes her understand that this will create confusion. Rahul adds, “Zyaada confusion, zyaada jhagde, zyaada discomfort.”

Later in the clip, Nikki Tamboli question Rubina’s intentions of making food for the people in the first week till now. She says that Rubina is showing her true self. Rubina justifies herself but Jasmin counter her and says, “Abhi tak aapko lamba time rehna tha isliye aap ne kiya.” Rahul inquires about sudden her free will. Rubina replies, “Apna apna khaao, aur doho.”

Rahul argues with her and says that she is breaking the balance of the house. Rubina says, “It’s a huge house, you live freely.” Rahul says that everything was going smoothly and Rubina is disturbing everything. Nikki agrees with him. Rubina says she is not.

How would the dynamics of the house change after Rubina’s decision?