Bigg Boss 14: Rakhi Sawant reveals, one of her male friend wanted sexual favours, asked her to remove her top inside a car in exchange for help

In the recent episode, Rakhi Sawant gets emotional while remembering the past challenges of her life.

In Bigg Boss 14 house, Rakhi Sawant gets emotional in front of her  Rahul Vaidya while remembering the challenges of her life.

Rakhi shares that one of her friend stepped out to help her but when she met him the next day, Rakhi saw a completely different side of his friend. The so called friend took Rakhi inside his car and locked it from inside, the guy was totally drunk and tried to take advantage of Rakhi by putting a ‘give and take’ deal. He forcefully asked Rakhi to pull of her top but when Rakhi didn’t abide by his orders, he ditched her in the middle of the road.

Further, Rakhi gets emotional while discussing about her mother’s health. She recalls the time when her mother was sick and she didn’t have money for the latter’s treatment.

Then Rahul Vaidya asks Rakhi Sawant not to be weak. Later on, Bigg Boss called them to the confession room and asked them not to speak anything about they spoke alone earlier.

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