Bigg Boss 14 Nov 27 HIGHLIGHTS: Rahul, Jasmine and Nikki to fight it out for captaincy

Bigg Boss 14 Nov 27 HIGHLIGHTS : Captaincy task contenders Nikki Tamboli, Jasmin Bhasin and Rahul Vaidya get into an huge argument over ‘who will be the next captain’ of the house. Many disagreements and clashes wait ahead.

In 8th Week of Bigg Boss 14, we witnessed some ‘major clash’ among the contestants during captaincy task. As we all know that no one wants to loose this golden opportunity to win the power and immunity together.

According to the new promo released by makers of BB14, the housemates are seen plotting for captaincy, which ultimately results in rifts. Meanwhile Rahul Vaidya declares that he should become the captain this time, on the other hand Nikki Tamboli also feels she must the captain. While Kavita Kaushik supports Nikki, Jasmine and Rahul go against her. Jasmin disagrees with Nikki and says ‘How can we let someone who creates a riot be a captain?’, leaving Kavita speechless. Rahul also questions ‘Why Nikki can be captain not me’.


Jasmin and Nikki turning their back against Nikki leaving her angry. She then declares a conflict against them and promises to be rebellious if she is not given a chance.

Now what will happen next?? Stay tuned with us for further stories.