Bigg Boss 14: Nishant Malkani says Jaan Kumar Sanu is ‘madly infatuated’ with Nikki Tamboli who is using him

After being eliminated, Nishant Malkani has opened up about how Jaan Kumar Sanu is madly obsessed with Nikki Tamboli who has been using him completely.

Bigg Boss 14 has been filled with controversies, fights, and conflicts amongst the housemates, even after some of them have been eliminated. One such participant is Nishant Malkani, who was eliminated last week along with wild card entry Kavita Kaushik. After coming out of the house, Nishant has spoken about Jaan Kumar Sanu‘s equation with Nikki Tamboli and how he is ‘madly infatuated’ with her whereas he said Nikki is using him.

In a conversation with Hindustan Times, Nishant expressed how he knew that his fate in the show has been sealed once he entered the red zone and the decision of his stay in the house was given in the hands of his fellow housemates. He was quoted saying, “I was not expecting my eviction initially because from the third week onwards, I was going very strong. I was sent to the red zone after Eijaz Khan was unfairly made the captain in the stay/swap thing. The sanchalak, Naina Singh, felt, with all the rules in place, that Abhinav Shukla should be the captain because he won the task. He was the last one to get off the vehicle with his bag safe and sound. God knows why Bigg Boss forcibly made Eijaz the captain! When the stay/swap thing happened, I and three others who were not even nominated were sent to the red zone for elimination.”


Talking about the equation between Jaan and Nikki, Nishant called Jaan a ‘spineless being’. He also said that he considered Jaan to be his closest friend, yet he ended up paying a really high price for it. He further spoke about how Nikki has been using him since day one and was quoted saying, “Nikki is using Jaan completely from day one. She has found an idiot who supports her when the entire house says she is wrong. Jaan is completely infatuated with Nikki, his brain does not work, when it comes to her. He is madly infatuated. But Nikki has no feelings for him or anybody else in the house, that’s very clearly visible and she even says that she doesn’t care. If he still runs behind her like a puppy, she does not mind, because she has a chamcha. Sometimes, it is him and sometimes it is Rahul Vaidya.”