Bigg Boss 14: Nikki Tamboli’s NEW alliances to survive in the show

Nikki Tamboli who first entered the show as a strong, loud person is changing her strategy in the house.

Nikki Tamboli made headlines in the Bigg Boss 14 house with her fashion statements that stood out, as well as a gameplan and openly engaging in fights.
The strategy stood her in good stead for few weeks. Fans were praising her bold and beautiful nature. All that has ended with the arrival of Arshi Khan and Rakhi Sawant.

With the entry of Arshi and Rakhi, Nikki seems to realise her original gameplan of being loud will not work in front of these divas who are actually much more louder than her. So, she has smartly changed her game. The new Nikki Tamboli is not loud. She is also more sly i.e a smooth operator who is obviously using the guys in the house to her advantage.


During her initial days, Nikki could be defined as an individual player in the house. She was seen standing up for herself, and even performing the tasks with full aggression. Nikki had a continuous run full throttle until she was evicted from the show for receiving low votes. Soon after she re-entered the house, and with the advent of Arshi and Rakhi, Nikki realised that she had to change her plan to survive in the show.

Nikki, who came across as a loudmouth, couldn’t fight much with Rakhi Sawant, who was seen using cross language and slut-shaming her for sitting with fellow contestants. Nikki, even tried setting up a romantic angle with Aly Goni. She was heard saying in one episode that she “genuinely” likes Aly.

From an individual player to now making alliances with a group, Nikki, who is still a strong contender, somehow is seen moving ahead in the show.