Bigg Boss 14: Nikki Tamboli sprays foam on Abhinav Shukla and says, ‘You deserve that’

Bigg Boss 14 contestant Nikki Tamboli, nominates Abhinav Shukla and sprays foam on his face, only after Abhinav infuriates her and says, “spray kar jaldi” (Spray Quickly)


Bigg Boss 14 has finally begun and now with increasing level of enmity, controversy and drama on the show. Bigg Boss without added dose of drama is incomplete and so it did happen. Host, Salman Khan on the show introduced the contestants to a twist in the eviction process. Instead of the audience choosing, this time the fresher’s are going to decide upon the contestant who is going to leave the show.

The bottom three contestants were Shehzad Deol, Abhinav Shukla and Jaan Kumar Sanu. The freshers wete instructed to spray foam on any one of these contestants and justify the reason behind nominating them.

In the promo, it was shown how Nikki Tamboli commented about a fellow contestant on how the concerned person is not passionate about the game.Then right after, it was shown that Nikki Tamboli gets up to spray on Abhinav Shukla. While she was still explaining her reason, Abhinav cut her short and said ” Spray kar Jaldi”( Spray Quickly) . This infuriated Nikki and she said, ” What is this ‘spray kar jaldi’?” and right after saying that, she sprayed a huge amount of foam on Abhinav’s face. While leaving, she added, ” You deserve that” .

However, the promo ends with Salman Khan announcing, “Asli khel toh yahan se shuru hoga”( The real game will begin here)

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