Bigg Boss 14: Nikki Tamboli says ‘yes’ if Aly Goni proposes and believes Jasmin and him only best friends

Nikki Tamboli has said that she likes Aly Goni and that she believes Jasmin Bhasin is just his friend.

Between multiple fights and name-calling, Bigg Boss 14 is surely getting exciting with every passing day. But it seems like Aly Goni has found himself in a potential love triangle. In the latest episode of Bigg Boss, Rakhi Sawant has a conversation about Aly with Nikki Tamboli.

Meanwhile, Jasmin Bhasin has already confessed her feelings for Aly to Kashmera Shah. And now, Nikki says that she genuinely likes Aly, and if he ever asks her out, she would say yes.


Earlier, Nikki claimed that Aly doesn’t have a girlfriend. Jasmin and Aly are just best friends. Further, Rakhi tells Nikki that she would ask Aly to talk to her. Nikki blushes and tells her that she is shy and cannot talk to him about this.

Later in the episode, Rakhi confronts Aly that whether he likes Nikki, he clarifies that he has feelings for Jasmin only and not for any other girl. This clarification by Aly has garnered praises from fans as they lauded him for not making any love triangle on the show.

Jasmin and Aly have reportedly been in a relationship for three years. In a recent episode, Rakhi and Aly discussed the subject of marriage. Aly told her that he would stop speaking to Jasmin if their parents did not accept their relationship. Jasmin responds, saying her family wouldn’t object as they love her and care for her happiness.