Bigg Boss 14: Nikki Tamboli says the housemates want spoon-fed captaincy rather than legitimate win

In a recent Extra Masala clip, when Rubina Dilaik tells Nikki Tamboli that certain housemates are being too dependant on others to get ahead in the game, the latter says that a spoon-fed victory is not a legitimate win.

Nikki Tamboli, since day one, has been blunt about her feelings and opinions about the housemates. In the recent Extra Masala clip, when Rubina Dilaik tells Nikki that certain housemates too dependant on others, to get ahead in the game.

In the clip, Rubina puts forward a situation wherein if one person doesn’t support another in the game, that doesn’t mean that the person is not your friend. Nikki tells her that during the Shark Attack task; no one helped her, and she played alone. She adds that everyone should fight their own battles.


Nikki says that the housemates who were mad at her during the captaincy task, are not taking a stand on their own words. Rubina comments, “Waqt aane pe pata chal jaayega.” Nikki agrees with her and says that some of them want spoon-fed captaincy.

Further, Nikki comments, “Logo ki asliyaat haar mein aati hai, jeet mein nahi!” Rubina adds, “Koi humble hota hai, toh koi dusre pe chadta hai.” Nikki agrees with her. Rubina further says that during the Shark Attack task, Nikki even though, she lost, apologized to Abhinav Shukla. Rubina says that Nikki is a great person from heart.