Bigg Boss 14: Nikki Tamboli says Rahul Mahajan tried her to distance from Abhinav Shukla, says Abhinav is genuinely a good guy

In a recent Extra Masala, Nikki Tamboli spills the beans about her and Rahul Mahajan’s discussions about other contestants.

Bigg Boss 14 is making the fans go crazy. The discussions between the contestants are confusing the audiences about who will actually win the game. A recent Extra Masala clip says something about this. Continue reading to know more.

Bigg Boss 14 Extra Masala clip forces their audiences to think more and provides them with extra entertainment. In the recent clip, we can see Nikki Tamboli spilling the beans about the discussions between her and Rahul Mahajan. This conversation takes place between Nikki Tamboli, Rakhi Sawant, Rubina Dilaik and Abhinav Shukla. Nikki says, “Rahul told me that he genuinely likes Arshi and will never backstab her. I didn’t reply to him”. She wanted to speak more about him but was hesitating.
Rakhi forces her to speak says, “You’ll have to speak”. Nikki then starts saying, “Rahul said you speak to Abhinav and I don’t like him but you are my friend. I speak to Arshi so you should not have any problem”. “I had to explain to him that I had an alliance with Abhinav and it was decided that either of us will be the captain so you select me and I’ll select you and it was decided that he will save me and I’ll save him,” she added. Rubina gets a little angry upon hearing this.


Later keeping all the fun aside Nikki says that Abhinav is genuinely a good guy. He’s truly good and asks Rubina to never leave him. Nikki says, “Tum dono aise hi eksath raho hamesha hamesha ke liye”. Then they decide to arrange a reception before leaving the house.