Bigg Boss 14: ‘Nikki Tamboli is insecure’, Manu Punjabi talks behind her to Eijaz Khan

In a recent Extra Masala clip, Manu Punjabi tells Eijaz Khan that Nikki Tamboli is playing games with them and is insecure with the housemates.

Everyone in the Bigg Boss 14 house is talking about Nikki Tamboli and Manu Punjabi‘s connection. The housemates thinks something is brewing between them.In a recent Extra Masala clip, Manu Punjabi discuss with Eijaz Khan about his conversation with Nikki Tamboli and mentions she is indeed playing games with other housemates.

In the clip, Manu discuss about Nikki with Eijaz, saying that he had a conversation with Nikki and that she is playing mind games with the housemates. Further, Nikki questioned Manu that if the challengers weren’t in the house, then who Eijaz bond with. Manu replied that it would be her. Nikki further, dismissed the conversation. He explained to Nikki that before her entry Eijaz bonded with Manu, Kashmera Shah, and Arshi Khan and they were having fun.

He added, “Agar banda flexible nahi hota toh tu kal bol rahi thi na alliances bana na tha, tu Kashmera se akele mein baat bhi kar rahi thi, sab kar rahi thi, lekin teri andar ki Nikki bahar aayi, aur usko lag raha hai ki yeh galat ho raha hai, toh voh fatt gayi, aur nominate bhi kar diya.”

Further, Manu told Nikki that he and Eijaz used to seat together and talk but since her entry, they both have lessen their conversations. Instead, Manu and Nikki have bonded a lot in the house and Eijaz respects their talks, and gives them space. Manu never interrogates Eijaz about his conversation with any other housemates and same goes for Eijaz.

Manu explains that Nikki thinks she would have a group of 5 to 6 people, and they would create a majority among them. But to maintain that majority there needs to be flexibility which Nikki doesn’t have in her.

Eijaz explains Nikki’s mentality, “Agar voh aaj Arshi se baat karti hai, toh kal hume bhi Arshi se baat karni padegi, uske hisab se, aur agar Arshi se uski nahi banegi, toh fir voh bolegi hum Arshi kyu baat kar rahe hai.” He tells Manu that she is like that. Manu says she is fighting with her inner self.

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