Bigg Boss 14: Nikki Tamboli gets emotional remembering her brother on Bhai Dhooj

In a recent Extra Masala clip, Nikki Tamboli is seen getting emotional as she reminded that it was the day of Bhai Dooj

Being away from your family especially during Diwali is difficult. The Diwali special episode of Bigg boss 14 showed that it is not easy for the contestants too. In the recent Extra Masala clip, we see Nikki Tamboli getting emotional as she is reminded that it was the day of Bhai Dooj.

The clip begins with Nikki asking everyone if Diwali is over or not to which Kavita Kaushik replies saying it was celebrated the night before. Nikki tells her that her family celebrates five days of Diwali (Dhanteras, Laxmi Pujan, Main day of Diwali, Bhai Dooj, a one day of Diwali fun). Others around her tell that it was Bhai Dooj that day. Nikki exclaims at the new information and is seen getting emotional.


Rubina Dilaik jokingly suggests, “Kya Jaan (Kumar Sanu) ko Bhai banana hai?” Nikki immediately states that he is nobody to her. She tells them about her brother who is older to her by six years and that they made her emotional by reminding her that it was the day of Bhai Dooj.

As an emotional Nikki walks away, Kavita tells her not to cry while Rubina tells her it is alright. She also suggests her to get ready and send a special message to her brother.

The video ends with Abhinav sharing his memories of Bhai Dooj, saying that his aunt used to visit them every year.