Bigg Boss 14: Nikki Tamboli calls Aly Goni ‘fake’ during his captaincy

In an Extra Masala clip, Nikki Tamboli accuses Aly Goni for being fake during his captaincy

Last week, we saw how Nikki Tamboli was unhappy with Aly Goni’s captaincy as she wanted to be the captain of the house. She has been seen disobeying rules for the same. In the recent Extra Masala clip, we see Nikki accusing Aly of being fake during his captaincy.

The clip begins with Nikki saying that he was being very sweet with her during his captaincy, to which Aly interjects and says that he has been sweet since the beginning. He counters Nikki by saying that he is not fake. Nikki continues imposing allegations saying she felt he was being ‘fake’ just so he could use her for completion of assigned duties, so that his captaincy could go smooth. Aly answers her by saying he is not fake and he further adds, ‘agar aisa hota toh jab mein captain nahi bhi tha, tab aapse aise baat nahi karta (If he was not the captain, he would not talk to her like that)’.


Later in the clip, Nikki questions him saying about he told Farah Khan that she was doing nothing for two weeks. Aly replies that whatever he told was in front of her and did not backstab her. She added that since the first day she is the same and is having fun with whatever she is doing. So if anyone feels that she is doing nothing it’s not like that, she wants to do it. She is doing it. Aly added that he is transparent in his ideas and views. He also added that he has a habit of responding spontaneously and not while planning mind games. Later, both of them cleared out accusations made by Nikki.