Bigg Boss 14: Nikki reveals about her school life; attitude towards her jealous school friends

Voot Extra Masala shared a clip of Nikki sharing her attitude towards her classmates. 

Nikki Tamboli shared with Rahul Vaidya how her old classmates used to discourage her. Further she reveals that she always used to come 1st in sports, which made all the 2nd and 3rd ranking kids jealous of her. Nikki says, now that she has reached a point in her career, people have started recognizing and following her. She keeps on getting messages from her old jealous friends, which she doesn’t give a damn and simply ignores them. Rahul replies, “Kar diya karo, because after a certain time this thing might make you regret”. 

Nikki says that,” teen saal se messages aa rahe hai, but mai respond hi nahi karti”. She even shared an instance with Rahul, wherein once she was travelling in an airplane in a business class. One of her classmates too was in the same row. During that time a fan of her approached her to click a selfie with her, which she gave but ignored her old classmate for the entire flight. Rahul too looked a little shocked with this attitude but just smiled and replied with a “HMM”.

“Bahar mera alag he attitude hota hai, jo hona bhi chahiye na. I don’t respond at all”, said Nikki. Rahul again replied with a nod.

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