Bigg Boss 14: Netizens slam Kavita Kaushik……to Eijaz Khan’s molestation

In Bigg Boss 14, Kavita Kaushik questioned Eijaz Khan’s fear of being touched after he opened up on getting molested as a child.

In the latest episode, the contestants had an emotional breakdown while revealing their deep, darkest secret to win the immunity stone. Eijaz Khan wins the immunity stone after he reveals the reason why he fears being touch. As a kid, he was touch inappropriately, and the incident has affected him, and his therapist helped him get over it.

He doesn’t blame himself because he was just a child, but he regrets not telling his father about it. Later, Kavita Kaushik ran to him and consoled him that he is much stronger than that.


However, a sudden change in Kavita’s behavior towards him shocked the housemates. While deciding between Nikki Tamboli and Eijaz, Aly Goni decides to give immunity to Eijaz, stating that when once he had offered him to Eijaz to oil his hair, the latter denied it. Yesterday Aly realized this incident and never thought this could be the reason.

In supporting Nikki, Kavita counters and questions Eijaz’s fears of being touched. She objected that she had offered to oil his hair and the actor never refused. This statement shocked the entire house and created a storm on the internet.

A Twitter user wrote, “Kavita: Even my mom didn’t believe my molestation story *cries* Also Kavita: Eijaz was okay with people touching and hugging him. I am not able to believe his molestation story and trauma. THIS WOMAN IS A HYPOCRITE. SHAME ON HER #BB14 #KavitaKaushik #EijazKhan.”