Bigg Boss 14: Manu Punjabi talks about Swami Om’s behaviour

In a recent Extra Masala clip, Manu Punjabi speaks to Kashmera Shah about ex-Bigg Boss contestant Swami Om’s behaviour in the house.

In a recent Extra Masala clip, Manu Punjabi talks to Kashmera Shah about his experience of working with ex-Bigg Boss contestant Swami Om.

In a candid conversation with Kashmera Shah, Manu talks about how Swami Om used to fight, use slang words, be upset with him and Manveer Gujar, and next day he would act like child as if nothing happened. They had a great bond with him. Whenever Swami Om requested for food, they both made food for him. But that used to cause rift between them and the housemates.


Further, he says that the housemates judged them as Swami Om used to fight and argue with them all the time and now they were making food for him. Kashmera feels that they shouldn’t have behaved like that with him.

He adds that sometimes, Swami would be stubborn and not eat food but would request that person he fought with, to eat their food. Manu and Manveer had to tell him to eat food so that he could take his medicines. There were numerous times when things like these used to happen.

He comments, “Dil aur dimag mein jeeta dil hai agar aap chaaho toh.” Kashmera agrees and says that’s the problem. Manu says, “Jo dil ki taraf rahega na, voh initially benefit mein aur longitive mein loss mein rahega.” Kashmera agrees with him and says, “Humara loss hota hai.”

Manu explains, “Initially aapko itna sukoon milega, mein insaan soul hu, maine yeh sahi kiya.” He further adds that he has learned a lot of things from this show, “Boss aap brain ko rakho mind mein, aur uspe chalo, par nahi hai aise.” Kashmera comments that this is not our personality. At the end, we follow what our heart says.