Bigg Boss 14: Manu Punjabi, Eijaz Khan and Arshi Khan talk about the importance of HARD-EARNED WEALTH

To earn wealth everyone does lot of hard-work. In a recent Extra Masala clip Eijaz Khan is seen discussing the value of hard-earned wealth with Manu Punjabi and Arshi Khan.

The clip starts with Manu Punjabi saying that he wants to become a big celebrity one day, such big that he’ll get paid to just show up and sit there. ” There’s no fun in that ” Arshi exclaims, and truly there isn’t.


Eijaz says that there’s no luck for him in that. He has lost more than earned whenever he has done that, money for just showing up. And now he knows that the only way to earn and grow is to go out and work. ‘Mehnat ki Kamai’ it’s what he believes in. Arshi agrees.

And we all feel Manu when he says that he’s been frequently visiting loo because of the cold weather!