Bigg Boss 14: Kavita Kaushik wins the captaincy task and becomes captain for the second time

Wild card entrant Kavita Kaushik becomes the captain of the house for a second time after defeating Jasmin Bhasin in the captaincy task.

Bigg Boss 14 is in it’s seventh week and has already reached half it’s way. Things are getting tougher in the house as days pass. The contestants had already geared themselves for surviving the tougher days and then came the captaincy task. This season’s most iconic captaincy task, which lasted for more than 24 hours and finally Kavita won the task with everyone’s support.

In the promotional video shared by Colors TV, it shows Rahul Vaidya, the ‘Sanchalak’ of the task asking both the candidates that for how long are they going to sit inside the box, to which each one of them replied with confidence. Jasmin said, “Mai toh deserve karti hoon captain banna” ( I deserve to be the captain of the house) and immediately Kavita promoted from the side saying, “Aisi badtameez insaan ko kaise kaptaan banne de sakte ho?” ( How can you let a misbehaving person, like her become the captain of the house?)


Later, the two kept on quarrelling on the same while Rahul watched. Jasmin called Kavita “Gandi aurat” while the latter called her “Dhongi”. This kept going on for a while until Pavitra Punia came and poured water into each of their boxes. But unlike other seasons, this season only Jaan Kumar Sanu tried to torture them by pouring in oil and chilies inside the box. But the others did not bother to do anything as such.

Then the video moves over to Rubina Dilaik trying to convince Pavitra Punia and husband Abhinav Shukla over her initiative to talk to Kavita and ask her to step down from the captaincy task. But both of them refused to be a part of this and leave Rubina alone. At last when Bigg Boss discontinued the task, concerned about Jasmin and Kavita’s health, he asked Rahul to decide who should become the next captain of the house.

Rahul’s decision was favoring Kavita and most of the housemates supported it too. But Aly Goni and Rubina Dilaik refuted his decision stating that it was decided from before and that it is unfair on Jasmin’s part. Now, it would be exciting to see how Kavita would get along with Rubina, Jasmin, Aly and Pavitra as the captain of the house.