Bigg Boss 14: Kavita Kaushik thinks her mother will be upset with her for THIS reason

In a recent Extra Masala clip shared by Voot, Kavita Kaushik reveals to Nikki Tamboli that her mother would be upset with her.

Bigg Boss 14 started more than a month ago and the contestants haven’t had any contact with their families in this period of time. Recently, in the Diwali special episode, we saw them getting emotional as they received gifts from their families. Recent extra masala clip shows Kavita Kaushik telling Nikki Tamboli that her mother will be upset with her.

The clip begins with Kavita telling Nikki that her mother must be worrying about her after she watching the show. She explains that she must be worrying because it is her mother’s love. Further, she says that her mother will be hurt if anyone attacked her daughter. She also reveals that she fights a lot with her mother.


Kavita tells the other that if her mother could tell her anything it would be, “Maar deti thi thappad aur nikal aati ghar se.” Nikki then asks her father was working in Mumbai, Kavita replies saying he was always posted in the North and North East regions. Nikki then asks her if her family used to move with her father. Kavita tells her that she and her mother would always visit him often.