Bigg Boss 14: Kavita Kaushik forces Rahul Vaidya to sing a song immediately after he wakes up!

In a recent Extra Masala clip, Kavita Kaushik helps a sleepy Rahul Vaidya, asks him to sing a song.

In the Bigg Boss house 14 house, the housemates are constantly fighting against each other. While they fight with each other, they always help each other too. In a recent Extra Masala clip, captain Kavita Kaushik helps Rahul Vaidya out by asking him to sing for her.

As the clip begins, we see Kavita calling out for Rahul. It is then shown that Rahul is sleeping. He wakes and is heard saying, “Kaha so raha hu.” To help him stay awake, Kavita asks him to sing a song. A sleepy Rahul says that he is thinking of a song with his eyes closed.


Kavita then asks him if he knows the song from the film Gulami. When Rahul replies negatively, Kavita expresses her disappointment. The singer tells the actress to wait as he has just woken up from his slumber and he needs time to prepare himself. Kavita is seen telling him, “Neend se jaga ne ke liye yeh karya diya tha.” Rahul says that everyone needs to sleep in the house as everyone is lacking sleep. Nikki Tamboli who is seen sitting next to Kavita asks the singer why he didn’t sleep the night before.

Kavita then asks Nikki if she is sleepy. Nikki replies negatively to which Kavita says, “Tere mein badi energy hai.” Rahul calls her non-stop transmission and All India Radio. Kavita says that she was also going to sleep but then remembered her duty as the captain.