Bigg Boss 14: Kavita Kaushik and Nikki Tamboli plan on saving Pavitra Punia from Aly Goni

In a recent Extra Masala clip, Kavita Kaushik and Nikki Tamboli plan on saving Pavitra Punia if she is targetted by Aly Goni.

The Bigg Boss house is a witness to the constant change of relationships between the housemates. It changes so often that one starts to question if all of them are real or fake. In a recent Extra Masala clip, Nikki Tamboli tells Kavita Kaushik that she cannot fake good relations.

As the video begins, Nikki tells Kavita indirectly that Pavitra Punia has no power in the house now that she is alone. She adds saying that on the weekends too she isn’t pointed out much. The actress reassures her that it is Pavitra’s personality and they should focus on theirs. Nikki Tamboli asks Kavita Kaushik as to why Pavitra is different when her people are around. Kavita tells her that she hopes the actress is learning from her experiences in the house. Nikki dismisses it quickly saying that she was alone before too.


Kavita tells the other that they are not looking for a friendship with her but will protect her if she is being targetted by other contestants. She says, “Jaha hume fayda ho raha hoga, hum fayda nikalenge. Jaha lag raha hoga ki attack ho rahi ho bichari, hum usko safe karenge. (Where we will find ourselves in profit, we will take that profit. If we feel like she is being attacked then we will save her.)” She further says that she will only protect Pavitra from Aly Goni. Nikki adds in saying that she cannot fake relationships and will speak only the truth. She adds in that she sat with Pavitra because she felt like talking with her. She continues saying she cannot just sit with anyone and have a random chat.

The video ends with Kavita telling Nikki, “Tu jaisi hai mast hai. Vaisi hi reh. (You are the best the way you are. Stay the same.)”