Bigg Boss 14: Kavita Kaushik and Nikki Tamboli criticise Bigg Boss’ choice of songs; Nikki says, “Mujhe chahiye dhinchak dhinchak gaane”

Bigg Boss 14 contestants Kavita Kaushik and Nikki Tamboli criticise Bigg Boss’s choice of songs. They demand ‘dhinchak gaane’.

A delicious lunch followed by a cosy nap is everyone’s favourite combo. Bigg Boss 14 housemates also long for this comfort. In a recent extra masala clip shared by Voot, Kavita Kaushik admits to Nikki Tamboli that Bigg Boss should allow a half-an-hour nap in the house.

In the clip, Kavita says, “Bass ek inka rule aisa aa jaaye ke din me koi bhi aadha ghanta, koi bhi aapki choice ka aadha ghanta, prati-sadasya, aap so sakte ho (They should make this one rule, that each person in the house can sleep for half an hour in the afternoon).” When Nikki asks why Kavita answers that she feels very sleepy after lunch. However, Nikki says that she only feels sleepy if she doesn’t drink coffee.


Kavita recalls her shooting days. She shares that while shooting, upon receiving an hour’s lunch break, she would eat her lunch in 15 minutes and go to the makeup room for sleeping. Nikki recalls the memory of when she fell asleep and ‘cuckdoo-koo‘ rang for her in the house.

The conversation then turns towards the songs that are played in the morning to wake up the housemates. Nikki says that she doesn’t like the choice of morning songs anymore. They don’t make her feel like dancing. She says, “Mujhe chahiye dhinchak dhinchak gaane (I prefer loud party music).” To this Kavita replies, “Pehla gaana ek soothing sa hona chahiye. Phir second se ekdum dhinchik dhinchik (The first song should be soothing, then they should play loud songs).” However, Nikki disagrees and says, “Mereko bohot dhinchik chahiye, bass (I only prefer loud songs).”

Kavita points out that she gets scared when she is woken up by loud songs. Both the contestants agree that they should play songs like “Munni Badnaam Hui“, which has nice music but does not disturb them.