Bigg Boss 14: Kashmera Shah reveals she was shocked to see Rahul Mahajan’s wife

In a recent Extra Masala clip, Kashmera Shah reveals that she was shocked when she saw Rahul Mahajan’s wife.

Bigg Boss 14 is getting more exciting especially with the entry of the former contestants of the show. The housemates and Challengers are bonding with each other. They share their experiences and knowledge with one another. In one such moment is seen in the recent Extra Masala video. Rahul Mahajan talks about his wife Natalya Ilina.

As the video begins, Kashmera Shah asks Rahul, “Tumne itni khubsoorat biwi kaise patayi?” She continues saying that she was shocked to see the news. The actress pokes fun at Rahul and says that even he looks shocked in the photos. Abhinav Shukla and Rubina Dilaik who are seated nearby start laughing on Kashmeera’s comment. Rahul denies saying that he is happy. Talking more about his wife he says, “I am 45, she is 27 and she is 5’10”. Pehle baar jab usko dekha, meine bola I want you as my wife.” He reveals that they both connected over topics of conversations which were very deep. He also reveals that they do not stay away from each other for a very long time.


Abhinav asks him if he has taught her Hindi. Rahul replies that she can converse well with the house staff and can order for herself. He reveals that even though she can speak very well, she cannot speak on a show. Kashmera tells Rahul, “Tumhare bacche kya khubsoorat hoyenge yaar Rahul. Jaldi paida karle yaar.” She adds that she wants their kids to grow up together.

Rahul asks her about her sons. Kashmera tells him that they are twins and are three and a half years old. Rubina asks for their names, the other tells her that they are named Rayaan ad Krishaang.