Bigg Boss 14: Kashmera Shah feels Manu Punjabi and Eijaz Khan are ‘insecure’ and ‘jealous’

In a recent Extra Masala clip, Kashmera Shah argues that Manu Punjabi and Eijaz Khan are very insecure.

This week, when the challengers had entered Manu Punjabi, Eijaz Khan, Arshi Khan, and Kashmera Shah had allied. But during the nomination task, it seems like Kashmera and Arshi have broken the alliance and are up against Manu and Eijaz. In a recent Extra Masala clip, Kashmera argues that Manu is very insecure and rebukes his attitude.

In the clip, Kashmera Shah, Jasmin Bhasin, and Rubina Dilaik are seated in the garden discussing Manu Punjabi’s behavior. Kashmera says that once Vikas Gupta was sitting alone, and she went and had a talk with him. Kashmera says that Vikas talks a lot and didn’t stop talking until 15 minutes. When she went outside, Manu accuses her of getting flipped. Jasmin comments that Manu is a very insecure person. Kashmera says that he has an insecurity.


Rubina talks about an incident that happened during the joker announcement. She was getting ready, and Vikas stood beside her, and they were talking about things. As they were, Arshi interrupted them and spoke about the joker card, and then after 15 minutes, Manu entered. Manu started saying, “Are madam humko bhi toh 5 minutes de do,” Rubina asked him why does need time to talk to Vikas. To which Manu replies, “Aree inko joker card mila hai, hume bhi time dijeeye.” Rubina was confused by Manu’s behavior.

Kashmera calls his behavior ‘MCP’ (male chauvinist pig) and says she and Arshi do not like his behavior. Earlier, they both a conversation wherein both discussed how on the first day they could not connect, but now they seem to connect very well.

Jasmin states that it’s not MCP, but both Eijaz Khan and Manu want to dictate and control the house. Rubina comments that they couldn’t run Bigg Boss. Kashmera completes her sentence and says, “Toh unko prove karna hai.”

Later in the clip, Kashmera comments, “Agar chala nahi paaye toh, yaha tak nahi pauch sakte the aap log.” Rubina states that there has been a change in Eijaz’s behavior since Manu’s entry. Kashmera says that when she had entered, she talked with each contestant, including Eijaz, and told him he should change. She says, “Yeh meri bhi bewafooki hai ki maine aa kar usko yeh sab bataya.” Jasmin says that Eijaz won’t even accept his mistakes. Kashmera says that since Vikas has got the ‘Joker card,’ Eijaz has been quite upset.