Bigg Boss 14: Kashmera Shah BEGS the audience for a second chance

In a recent Extra Masala clip Kashmera Shah is seen talking about the second chance from the audience to carry on in the show. According to Kashmera, she is capable of going all the way.

The clip begins with Kashmera Shah talking to Rubina Dilaik about how she started crying during ‘ Weekend ka Vaar’ when Salman pranked that she’s getting eliminated coz of the least vote count. She wants the audience to give her a change to show her game, she knows that she can do better and can entertain, she’s just not getting the opportunities to do so.

Kashmera further added that that she hasn’t came here in the house with pre-planned things about how she’ll play the same, it’s something she decides in the moment. She wants the audience to show some faith in her.


And Rubina agrees to it, we all know how good of a player she is from last seasons. She can do better than this, and she’s determined that now she’ll show her potential to everyone.