Bigg Boss 14: Kamya Punjabi supports Aly Goni’s game plan, mocks Nikki Tamboli

Kamya Punjabi supports Aly Goni’s game plan in the captaincy task on Twitter, mocks Nikki Tamboli on disobeying the house rules.

Bigg Boss 14  ex-contestant Kamya Punjabi took to Twitter praising Aly Goni for his strategy to win the captaincy task. She also took a dig at Nikki Tamboli for troubling Aly after he became the captain.

Aly Goni is now the captain of the BB14 house after winning the captaincy task BB Disco Night, forming alliances with the housemates. Aly Goni played wisely as he made sure all his competitors were out of the task one-by-one, be it Pavitra, Rahul or Abhinav. Aly’s wise move has impressed former contestant Kamya Punjabi.


The Ex- contestant praised Aly Goni and said that he played a good game. She tweeted, “Good game Aly Goni. Well Done” 

In the recent episode, Nikki Tamboli was unhappy with Aly being captain as she wanted become captain this time. She did not accept Aly Goni as the captain and went on disobeying rules. On the first day of Aly’s captaincy, she got into fight with him and refused to wake up.

On this, the Ex-contestant wrote in another tweet that she wished to she how Nikki would rule when she becomes a captain.

She tweeted, “I really want to see ki jab Nikki Tamboli captain banegi tab kaise rules follow karti hai aur karwati hai!’ (I want to see when Nikki Tamboli becomes the captain of the house, how she manages to make others follow all rules).