Bigg Boss 14: Jasmin Bhasin taunts Eijaz Khan, ‘Aap bohot hi acche actor ho’

In a recent Extra Masala clip, Jasmin Bhasin is seen complimenting Eijaz Khan as the actor is grateful for her compliment.

Bigg Boss 14 contestants are often seen arguing and fighting each other. It happens so often that viewers often don’t see them compliment each other. In one such rare incident, Jasmin Bhasin wholeheartedly praises Eijaz Khan.

As the video begins, Jasmin is seen asking Eijaz if she can compliment him. Before the other can reply, she explains that it is a genuine compliment and is not sarcasm. Eijaz reassures her that if it is a compliment he will take it as it is. Jasmin defends herself and says that the actor always feels wrong even when she jokes.


Jasmin Bhasin says to Eijaz Khan, “Aap bohot hi, bohot hi acche actor ho.” The actor accepts her compliment and says that he will continue working hard. Rahul Vaidya then joins the conversation and says Eijaz should thank God that he was not there during the peak of his career. A baffled Eijaz asks him why he should do that. Rahul says that he would beat up the senior actor in the field of acting.

Eijaz asks him if he knows what he is talking about. Rahul continues saying that Eijaz should be thankful to God. Eijaz Khan asks him, “Toh mera time beeth gaya?” Rahul tells him that he prays that his career will go on for hundreds of more years. Jasmin pitches in and says that ‘an actor is always an actor’ till his last breath.

The video ends with Rahul jokingly telling Eijaz, “jo aapko samjhna hai samjho.”